Material Landscape

Exhibition : 25 February -25 March 2023
Sihlfeldstrasse 63, 8003 Zurich

If I could only be sure

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«House of Switzerland» Swisstourism - Milano (IT)
April 26th to June 12th, 2022

Swiss Design Awards June 13-19 2022 Halle 1.1, Messe Basel (CH)

Burning Desires 2022


Female Views by Fujifilm


or burn baby, burn
about unpossible feelings, emotions, longing
about dreams broken
about dreams unfulfilled
about processes
about elements
elementary forces

Contemporary Stilllifes 2020-23

If I could only be sure, ECAL 2020

Inspired by the human capacity for emotional transformation and the examination of the still life genre, the project merges a series of still life videos of everyday objects and organic materials, presenting them through a unique, characterized manner, creating a collage of different recurring moments and processes in time.  The emphasis is on exploring the concept of entropy, making time tangible and capturing the transformation of a moment into its material representation.

‘If I could only be sure’ is presented on a 12 × 2 m half-circular projection screen, thus surrounding the viewer with the imagery and allowing for a more visceral experience.

Amid the fragility of the balance of life, its evermore mercurial force and the pressure to adapt to new realities, observing familiar objects can provide a moment in time for memories, senses, connections. The image, per se, is essentially the observation of a phenomenon that passes through time.
In Summer 2019, thirteen students from the ECAL Master’s in Photography programme supervised by Milo Keller travelled to Japan to work on thirteen individual projects in collaboration with Japanese photographer Taisuke Koyama within the framework of the Tokyo Photographic Research project. The students’ artworks range from still and moving images to computer-generated photographic visuals and explore multiple facets of the Japanese megalopolis which is, once again, undergoing major transformation in preparation for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

I was interested to get to know Japanese peope trough their food, how and what is eaten at home, the culture around dining.
Supported by Culture and
Communications Embassy
of Switzerland in Japan, DGES/Summer University, Canton Vaud & ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne the exhibition took place on September 6 ‒ 7, 2019 at (PLACE) by method in Shibuya. 2021 at Paris Photo the book, Higurashi Zone got published, and is available via