If I could only be sure


Group Show Jungkunst Winterthur - If I could only be sure, 2020.
28-31 October 2021, Halle 53, Winterthur, Switzerland

Solo Show 2021 International Film Festival Mannheim/Heidelberg
- If I could only be sure, 2020.
10-22 November 2021, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

Johanna Hullár
X Floral TV

Floral Landscape 2021, Zürich.

A site specific audiovisual installation by photographer & video artist Johanna Hullár and floral designer Jenni Tschugmell. Sounddesign Eszter Dora Forgacs

With @floral.tv @nataly_real
@meier.photo @esztergdoraforgacs

What happens, if nature takes back its place in our world full of trash, when plastic merges together with flowers and creates an unusual landscape? The project, a combination of still and moving images with experimental sounds, investigates these possibilities and plays in a surreal scenario with real and generated objects. It emphasizes the constant change we live in. Because the dream of reclaiming natural balance is a vehicle for possible futures.

Live performance, limited fine art prints and print edition for sale.

Hotspot, Stationstrasse 21, 8003 Zürich

17/18th September 2021

Floral Landscapes, Zürich 2021.
With@floral.tv @nataly_real

Following Something and Nothing 2018, I’m investigating the possibilities of new stilllife/moving visuals, playing with the surreality of real and generated objects, nothing is, what it seems like. They are meeting at the encounter of dimensions. Sensing Something in Nothing is the very definition of magic. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is everywhere. More real than reality, the images created by 3D software are mainly used in the advertising and entertainment industries. The photorealism of these photographic visuals blurs the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

If I could only be sure, ECAL 2020

Inspired by the human capacity for emotional transformation and the examination of the still life genre, the project merges a series of still life videos of everyday objects and organic materials, presenting them through a unique, characterized manner, creating a collage of different recurring moments and processes in time.  The emphasis is on exploring the concept of entropy, making time tangible and capturing the transformation of a moment into its material representation.

‘If I could only be sure’ is presented on a 12 × 2 m half-circular projection screen, thus surrounding the viewer with the imagery and allowing for a more visceral experience.

Amid the fragility of the balance of life, its evermore mercurial force and the pressure to adapt to new realities, observing familiar objects can provide a moment in time for memories, senses, connections. The image, per se, is essentially the observation of a phenomenon that passes through time.

Photography & Video @johannahullar_
Floral Design  @studiovegete
Set Design  @studiovegete
& @johannahullar_
Art Direction  @claudio.gmuer
Editor Jewelry  @kim.dang.etc
Editor Picture  @rikestybalkovski
Assistant Photo  @jasminedeporta
Music  @_tra_9
Typo @benedektakacs
NZZ Z Magazine 2021.

Jewelry story for @nzzbellevue  @nzz @chanelofficial @vancleefarpels @cartier @ateliercartier @tiffanyandco @gubelinofficial @chopard @graff @niessing @beatricerossi

Guardare l’utopia
Biennale dell'immagine di Chiasso

Open now in Chiasso(CH)/Pellio Intelvi (IT)

Vernice Domenica 06 ottobre dalle 12:00 alle 18:00
Giardino Casa Corti
dal 07.10 al 10.11.2019 tutti i giorni dalle 10h00 alle 18h00 thank you gorgeous @anjakarolina_ @jasminedeporta@pjorrt and my whole lovely class of @ecal_photography ❤️.

ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne
Studenti del Master Photography: Emidio Orlando J. Battipaglia, Robin Bervini, Jasmine Deporta, Anja Karolina Furrer, Alessia Gunawan, Christian Harker, Johanna Hullár, Philipp Klak, Doruk Kumkumoğlu, Jelly Luise, Igor Pjörrt, Gedvile Tamosiunaite

Curatore: Milo Keller
Assistenti: Florian Amoser, Calum Douglas
Graphic Design: Nicolas Polli

Casa Corti
Via Castello 12, Pellio Inferiore
22024 Alta Val Intelvi
Accesso dal piazzale della Chiesa S. Michele