As if objects were meanings 2024

Winner Swiss Design Awards 2024 11-16 June
Hall 1.1, Messe Basel

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As if objects were meanings

Exhibition Views
Winner Swiss Design Award 2024
11-16 June Basel, Messe Hall 1.1

Nomination Prix Mobilière 2024
25-28 January 2024 artgenève, Palexpo Genève

Material Landscape

Exhibition Views
25 February -25 March 2023
Sihlfeldstrasse 63, 8003 Zurich

If I could only be sure

Latest Exhibitions:
Swiss Design Awards June 13-19 2022 Halle 1.1, Messe Basel (CH)

International Film Festival Mannheim/Heidelberg
  10-22 November 2021, Kunsthalle Mannheim, (D)

 Jungkunst, 28-31 October 2021,Halle 53, Winterthur (CH)

Diplomes Exhibition Ecal, Renens 2020 (CH)

If I could only be sure, ECAL 2020

Inspired by the human capacity for emotional transformation and the examination of the still life genre, the project merges a series of still life videos of everyday objects and organic materials, presenting them through a unique, characterized manner, creating a collage of different recurring moments and processes in time.  The emphasis is on exploring the concept of entropy, making time tangible and capturing the transformation of a moment into its material representation.

‘If I could only be sure’ is presented on a 12 × 2 m half-circular projection screen, thus surrounding the viewer with the imagery and allowing for a more visceral experience.

Amid the fragility of the balance of life, its evermore mercurial force and the pressure to adapt to new realities, observing familiar objects can provide a moment in time for memories, senses, connections. The image, per se, is essentially the observation of a phenomenon that passes through time.