Johanna Hullár is a Zürich based photographer,
and video artist & creative director.

Artist Statement 

I’m a Hungarian-born visual artist working transdisciplinary with photography, video/installation & CGI, based in Zurich. In my practice I often reflect on the question of possible futures, the balance between man-made and natural materials, represented through a humorous and feminine prism. My transdisciplinary approach to moving and still images, and video installations opens up new visual spaces, offering visitors a sensory experience with different levels.

‘Material Landscape’ is my cohesive collection of visual and material research composed of different projects, each exploring the genre of still life from a different aspect. I like to refer to them as ”moving still lifes” expanding the momentum and questioning the future of the medium.

‘If I could only be sure’ was the initial project to explore and create an immersive visual experience, sensing this mercurial force of constant changes, the “Lauf der Dinge”... I’m inspired by how objects develop characters and capacity for mimicry, and how their meanings are constantly challenged as their visual aspect changes.

Connection, time and perception are at the core of my artistic works, using materiality and surreality of real and generated objects. Food and its slow process of beautiful decay with its deliberately repulsive aesthetics are repeatedly featured in my practice.


for detailed CV or collaboration please contact:
+41 (0) 76 528 05 01

Selected Collaborators:

Akris, Asics, Fujifilm, IWC Schaffhausen, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Swisstourism,
Mode Suisse, Slanted, Der Spiegel, annabelle Magazine, Friday Magazine,
Huffington Post, Jelmoli, Migros Medien, NZZ Z Magazine, Republik,
Rignier Axel Springer, SRF, Tamedia, Transmediale, ZKB   


25-28 January Prix Mobilière, artgenève, Palexpo Genève

2023 August La Becque x Execal | Artist Residency
          Chemin de La Becque 1. CH-1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

Solo Exhibitions:

2023 Material Landscape, 25. Februar - 25 March Sihlfeldstr, 8003 Zürich
2022 Burning Desires 2022, 21-22. Oktober 2022, Atelier Narrato, 8004 Zürich
2021  Art Weekend Zürich - Floral Landscape 2021
          17-19. September 2021, Stationstrasse 21, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland
2021  International Film Festival Mannheim/Heidelberg - If I could only be sure, 2020.
          10-22 November 2021, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

Group Exhibitions:

2022 13-19. June Swiss Design Awards 2022, If I could only be sure, 2020.
           Halle 1.1 Messe Basel over Unlimited, parallel to Art Basel & Design Miami
2022  26 April - 29 May Swisstainable Exhibition at Swiss House Milano, Flow of
           Life 2022. Casa degli Artisti, Corso Garibaldi 89/A, via Tommaso da Cazzaniga 20121, Milano, IT
2021  Jungkunst Winterthur - If I could only be sure, 2020.
           28-31 October 2021, Halle 53, Winterthur, Switzerland
2020 Diploma Exhibition, ECAL, Renens, Switzerland
2019  ECAL x Tokyo Photographic Research, Tokyo, Japan
2019  Guardare l’utopia- ECAL at Biennale dell’immagine di Chiasso, Switzerland
2018  Mirage Club - Golgotha x ECAL at Paris Photo, France
2015  büroblau - 3 months residency & exhibition, Grubenstrasse 15, Zürich, Switzerland
2014  Member at the Artist Collaboration “Undefined Collective”
2013  Schmidz Katzen, Cube, Berlin
2012  Semipermeabel, Seven Star Gallery, Berlin
2011   so-phil-umbau, Sophiensæle Theatre, Berlin
2010  Photo Installation, 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival, Berlin
2009 necesSity, Budapest, Ungarn
2008 Bistrica Workshop - 2 weeks residency & exhibition in Cetate, Romania
2008 Member at the Artist Collaboration “s-eee”

member of the Undefined Collective and the s-eee Artist Collective.


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