1 Frame/Sec
Bachelor Project 2014
1/3 - Film Noir

1 Frame/Sec is a mixed media Fashion Project based on Film Stills, and the influence of cinema on photography. There are two version of film stills. It can be an extracted frame from the original filmstrip, or a staged scene, taken extra for advertising. In this project I analyted both ways, and I experimented also with a third version, with “video stills”.

Part 1 is staged analogue Silber Gelatine Print serie telling an Film Noir inspired story.

johannahullar 2014
7 Framed Archival Silber Gelatine Prints 30x40
Limited Edition
from 1 Frame/sec Bachelor Project, Johanna Hullár HTW Berlin 2014
Models: Tilde von Overbeck, Richárd Rideg