Johanna Hullár
X Floral TV

Floral Landscape 2021, Zürich.

A site specific audiovisual installation by photographer & video artist Johanna Hullár and floral designer Jenni Tschugmell. Sounddesign Eszter Dora Forgacs

With @nataly_real @esztergdoraforgacs

What happens, if nature takes back its place in our world full of trash, when plastic merges together with flowers and creates an unusual landscape? The project, a combination of still and moving images with experimental sounds, investigates these possibilities and plays in a surreal scenario with real and generated objects. It emphasizes the constant change we live in. Because the dream of reclaiming natural balance is a vehicle for possible futures.

Live performance, limited fine art prints and print edition for sale.

Hotspot, Stationstrasse 21, 8003 Zürich

17/18th September 2021